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Empowering Visionaries

Our companies are at the forefront of innovation

We manage capital in excess of $2 billion

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    capital (billion)

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    daily reach (million)

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  • We are the knowledge and financial capital behind some of the world’s most disruptive new companies that are challenging incumbent markets.






We manage capital in excess of $2 billion with the mandate to accelerate innovation within mature markets.  We typically are a lead investor in companies bringing change within the media and entertainment, social networking, online retail, financial payments and new energy sectors.


The ability to draw on the experience from several public exits means we have a strong operating bench from which we draw expertise. With a team of over 200 talented individuals we are always looking for thoughtful ways to innovate and expand our reach.


Today, our digital assets reach over 100 million people a day; our new energy assets are charging batteries from magnetic energy in the air with no emissions; and our payment technology is load re-balancing and handling chargebacks for some of the largest global online retailers and service companies utilizing a new algorithm to drive savings.


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